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[ Diàlegs ]


Painting, music and heritage

Quim Corominas and Assumpció Mateu

Recent paintings


From 22 July to 25 September 2016

Opening: Friday 22 July at 6:30 pm

Canonical church of Santa Maria de Vilabertran


Diàlegs is a date on the summer calendar that brings together three cultural mainstays: painting, music and heritage. The stunning Romanesque Canonical church of Santa Maria de Vilabertran and the beautiful local countryside provide the perfect backdrop for the annual Schubertíada festival, dedicated to lied and chamber music and featuring a series of contemporary painting exhibitions in what promises to be a culturally fascinating and ultimately enthralling event.


Quim Corominas, “Colors d’estiu”


Quim Corominas’ work stems from the inherited language of abstract expressionism and action painting. The most characteristic features of his work are colour and gesture. Using a wide spectrum of pure colours dominated by blue and red, his work acquires a constant tension that, at the same time, establishes an attractive visual balance.


The exhibition includes the artist’s most recent work which forms part of the ‘Colors d’estiu’ series. The paintings reflect the aesthetic evolution that the artist’s constant experimentation brings to an increasingly intuitive and free work. Corominas paints on canvas seeking to strike a balance and dialogue between the colours. In his paintings, the application and rhythm of the brushstrokes become a constant artistic rediscovery and the forms generated build the structure of the final composition the artist is interested in creating. The bright, pure colours, rapid gestural brushstrokes, light effects, transparencies, and the sensation of movement create a flow of energy that bursts from the painting. Different intensities of colour overlap like a complex landscape of new shapes that become titles, names, places, poems and the dreams of new realities that acquire all their power and presence on the canvas.